Moving from Hunger to Healthy Eating

In addition to providing food, we also work to promote the healthful diet, exercise, and lifestyle practices that will maximize the benefits of the nutritious food we provide through our programs.

Our distribution sites are a popular venue for information on nutrition, recipes, and healthful living, as well as other resources available to low-income residents who need assistance with other crucial human needs such as housing or health care.

This educational component is also a significant aspect of our child-targeted nutritional outreach as it is essential for their growth and development to cultivate healthful lifestyle habits from an early age in order to ward off diseases, concentrate and retain information in school, and to have the energy needed to play, learn, and enjoy an overall high quality of life.

Nutritious Food Means Better Health

The short and long term costs of hunger-the compromised development, the life threatening chronic health problems, the medical expenses incurred through treatment and maintenance-are borne not only by the sufferers but by the community as a whole, especially when such a significant percentage-20% of its members-are suffering from it. Food is the most crucial need of all and one of the most straightforward to address.

The Food Bank is able to leverage a growing roster of nonprofit network members, food donors, and other sources of aid in order to efficiently and effectively serve our hungry residents