Become a Nonprofit Network Partner

Getting the right food, at the right time, in the hands of people in need takes a personal touch, trust and local knowledge. The Food Bank for Monterey County partners with roughly 160 nonprofit organizations to do just that.

Together, we form a powerful network that serves the elderly, chronically ill, homeless, children, unemployed and working poor across Monterey County. Network partners include church food-outreach ministries; emergency food pantries; soup kitchens; services to the homebound; homeless shelters; rehabilitation centers; residential treatment programs; youth and senior programs.

We help nonprofits with food programs stretch the dollars they spend on food by becoming a Food Bank Nonprofit Network Partner.

Nonprofit Network Partners visit our warehouse to select food from a wide variety of packaged food, as they would at their local grocery store. Partners pay a shared maintenance fee of 19 cents per pound for the products they select. Our shared maintenance system provides partners with a low-cost source of food and helps to defray our operation costs.

Our supplies include fresh produce, bread, canned foods and frozen products. We also purchase some items from wholesalers, from whom staple items are available to partners at a low cost.

To be eligible for membership in the Food Bank for Monterey County’s Nonprofit Partner Network, an organization:

  • Must possess 501( c )3 IRS status and a final determination letter from the IRS granting 501( c )3 status. A tax identification number or state certification is not sufficient.
  • Must confirm that the agency serves low-income clients, the ill, the needy or infants, and that donated products will be used to care for these clients;
  • Must confirm that clients will not be charged for Food Bank for Monterey County products. Must confirm that Food Bank for Monterey County products will not be exchanged for money, products, services or client participation in activities. Food distribution cannot be contingent on attendance at a religious service.
  • Welcome participants regardless of race, national origin, religious affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, age or handicap status.
  • Must agree to inspection and monitoring by the Food Bank for Monterey County.
  • Must adhere to Food Bank policies regarding storage and distribution of donated product; must adhere to all Food Bank policies, to the participating agency agreement and to the guidelines outlined in the agency manual.