The Family Market Program

The Family Market Program, which runs from April through October, provides fresh produce and dairy goods to our service population. It operates like a Farmers’ Market, but without charge. Families self-select food they like and need; there are no pre-packed bags. Each Market serves between 200 – 400 people; each household receives approximately 50 -100 pounds of food.

The Family Market provides an ideal venue to receive information on nutrition, Food Stamps and other health and human services programs available to low-income Monterey County residents.

Food distributed consists of fresh locally grown produce such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, celery, leeks, lettuce, Portobello mushrooms, scallions and strawberries.

A recent survey of our Family Market clients revealed98% of recipientseat more fruit & vegetables because of this program.

We also distribute fruit and vegetables from all over the state, including potatoes, onions, avocados and various stone fruit. This food is available through a program called Farm to Family, sponsored by the California Association of Food Banks and designed to facilitate produce distribution to the 40+ food banks within the state.

Mobile Produce Pantries

Our Mobile Produce Pantries visits dozens of neighborhood schools, libraries, wellness centers, and more. Filled with healthy staples and fresh produce, this program provides a free farmers-market open to all families.